Monday, March 10, 2008

Are We There Yet?

I posted about this topic last summer.

The last couple of days have been disturbing.

I question motives. I question attorneys. I question morality.

I question sanity.

I read about change of venue.

Conversations are rehashed.


Experiences relived.


Tears re-shed.


Emotions are still exhausted 23 years later.

Nobody will rest until this is settled.

…especially Jackie.


Laura said...

I know what you mean, in some ways.
I know of a few people who died under tragic circumstances, and while I didn't know them well enough to call them a "friend" I knew enough about them to the point I was shocked when it happened.

It's when we cease to feel shocked or upset over someone's death that, as a society, we'll really be in trouble.
I can only imagine how her family must have felt at the time. Or what they're going through right now.

Sugar Britches said...

Her Daddy looks older than he should.

Darin said...

Pre-trial hearings will likely go on for months.

There are multiple factors involved. Some of the lest talked about are:

1. Special prosecutors bill by the hour and have little incentive to speed trial

2. Preliminary motions to suppress evidence and frame the rules of court combat

It's a long hard path. I've conducted interviews with families in parrallel situations that take years.

Sugar Britches said...

Hi there, Darin. I know you're right, but it would be nice to have closure for the sake of her family. Wishful thinking on my part?