Thursday, July 26, 2007

Calling Social Services

I yelled at Big Britches the other day.

He went $95 over on his cell phone bill. This is after we had the talk about going easy on the texting, switching his plan, and banning him from accessing the internet on his phone. After looking at the bill, the overages were caused by internet usage-in the middle of the night no less.
He swore he didn’t do it. Had no idea how he could have done it.

He’s lied before. He’s very accomplished at it-just like his Mamma. Therefore I didn’t believe him.

This is what I said, before I could stop myself.

“I can’t believe a thing you say. Get out of my face. I can’t stand to look at you!”

Big Daddy-ever the quiet voice of reason (me being a harpie) called the cell phone company to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Big Britches has insomnia-obtained honestly from Big Daddy. He plays Solitaire on his phone when he can’t sleep. After redoing his plan, none of us realized that if you don’t download said game directly to your phone, every time you play, you access the internet.


I know, I know-that’s still a lot of Solitaire. Yes, he was still partially to blame.


I can’t take back my words. I can and did apologize-grovel even.

We’ve kissed and made up. I know his has forgiven me.

Can he forget?

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