Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let's Chase Each Other...

...around the room tonight. Ah, Merle.

Big Daddy thinks I'm hot.

...after twenty years

...inspite of twenty pounds

...because of the ass and the boobs-both of which are ample

...proven by the foot rubs

I should rejoice. I imagine most woman would and do when they have a man attack them from behind at the sink.

However...I feel ridiculous. I am not a woman men lust after. I am curvacious to a fault, (I'm being kind to myself)I have an unfortunate overbite, and I belch out loud without any concern to the company around me.

I'm a class act, really.

So, secretly, I think Big Daddy has taste for shit. I swat him away and hurt his feelings. Anyone with any sense at all would find me revolting. So there must be something wrong with him and I should push him to the curb post haste.

Jeez, that is dumb!

Good Christ, that is neurotic!

Sometimes you just have to write your thoughts down in order to see just how big a dumb-ass you really are.

I think I'll feel him up tonight while he's working on the truck.

He'll like that.

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