Monday, July 23, 2007

I have no artistic talent...

Have your words ever failed you? I've had experiences in my life that I've seen and felt and heard and smelled and tasted that bring tears to my eyes and I have no way to express them. Things beautiful and tragic.

The birth of my children
The death of my father(s)
A piece of music
A thunderstorm
A good glass of wine
My mother's failing mental and physical health

How do we get what we feel out of us in a tangible way?

It seems the most graceful and satisfying way to communicate the heart and soul is to brush a canvas or blow a piece of glass-throw some clay.

Would an artistic ability make expression easier when the words won't come? Would it be more disappointing when the expression won't flow from the heart to the hand?

I would love to bypass my clumsy words. Cut to the chase. Get it all out in a mass of color and texture and heat.

Where in the cat hair did this come from? I need to write something amusing.

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