Friday, July 20, 2007

Rockin' Down the Highway

Tooling home in the passing lane, I noticed a pick-up keeping pace with me in the driving lane. I'd try to speed up-he would speed up. As this was happening, I actually felt the person looking at me. Even though I tried not to, I looked over.

Wow...he was a hottie.

He winked, held up his left hand, pointed at his ring finger, and mouthed "Are you married?"

Well, how about that?

Sugar started to feel kinda cocky right about then. I had it going on! But wait...what if he was just poking fun at me? Quandary. I decided to stick with cocky and grinned back and nodded yes and shrugged.

He motioned for me to pull over and being of sound mind and body, I kept right on going-finally passing him and pulling over in the driving lane.

I still felt pretty good and looked in my rear view mirror, only to see him performing the same routine on some other unsuspecting thirty-something woman.

Alas...hopes dashed.

Six months later, same thing happened. Different guy, different gestures-crude and nasty this time.


Is this a trend? Are these boys deranged?

Or is this a little game some guys play to pass the time? What would you do if the woman actually was fool enough to pull over?


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