Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breaking News-Waxy O'Shea's

I'm aghast.

I'm agog.

I arrived at one of my most favoritist watering holes this evening only to discover that they've changed their menu and no longer offer curry and chips.

A quote Irish pub unquote that gave up curry and chips to offer more stuffed mushrooms?

I'm so glad that Big Daddy and I copiously tipped the bar maid one day last year and she gave us the curry recipe.  Albeit it was by the five gallon bucket.  But seeings how I cooked cashew chicken for a living many years ago I, thankfully, know how to condense a recipe.

Oh well. 

Room for more Guinness!

Even so-I'm crestfallen.

Forgive me for leaving on such short notice, but I must take to my bed.


Makenna said...

Hey, I was searching for a recipe for curry and chips because i LOVED the ones at waxy osheas! Your blog came up and if you have the recipe, i would LOVE to have it!!! :) Do you think you can post it on your blog?

Sugar Britches said...

Makenna, if you will shoot me your email, I'd be glad to send it to you!