Saturday, August 16, 2008

Country Roads

Heading home from a visit to Prissy's this weekend, I took the back roads home.  I had my camera with me and clicked a few snaps along the way.  

This little beauty sometimes comes down the field to greet me.  I stop the car in the middle of the road and after the dust settles, he sees me.  I reckon he thinks I have a treat of some sort, because he always comes running.  Today though, the grass was too sweet to bother with me.

I don't know what the story of this cottage is, but it is timeless.  Every time I drive by I concoct a story of newlyweds in the 1800's who have settle in the Ozarks and built this little cabin together.  The children will come shortly and after that the fields and the lumber will take up the rest of their lives. On a cold, crisp night their time will come and they will slip from the warmth of their feather bed into the next life.

Nothing profound here.  I just love hay bales in a field.  Of course, these are lined up like soldiers ready to fight the famine of the winter ahead.

Barns have stories too.  I didn't make one up for this one.  It seemed disrespectful to even think about it regarding this particular old building.  It had a purpose, thank you very much, to protect and preserve this hay.  It may be old, but it still had a reason for being.  Wouldn't we all wish for that much?

In the side yard of the barn above, stood this here fella.  

We had a really good visit.  He has a happy life all in all.  He longs for a little companionship now and again, but his belly is full and since the gravel road is so close by, he often has human interest thrown his way.  He laughed a little as he explained how some silly people actually stop and talk to him.


UPDATE!  This is a cow, not a bull. (Thanks, Primal)  I apologize for any embarrassment I might have caused this poor girl.  Life is hard enough without being confused with the opposite sex. 

In my defense at no time during our conversation did she dispute me when I called her 'him'.

...I'm just saying.

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