Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Same Old Same Old

The thing I like most about the fair is the fact most of it never changes. I know that when I walk into the E-plex, I'll happily spend lots of time looking at award winning quilts, photos, art projects, perfectly shaped caladiums, and peach preserves.

That's what I love.

I know that when we cross over to the other side of the same building it'll take us ten minutes tops to see the whole thing. Every year there is:

  1. At least two Avon booths and three Mary Kay booths
  2. The man that will give you a personality reading via that super 'futuristic' computation machine he has. It's covered in flashing lights so you know it has to be powerful
  3. Loads of political booths
  4. The cookware demonstration given by the man with the little mic.   Prissy bought a set of that stuff from the fair 45 years or so ago and by God she still has it somewhere
  5. Someone wanting to sell you siding
  6. An exuberant pro-life booth
  7. The ‘fresh hot roasted nuts, would you like a sample’ lady
  8. The embroidery booth (Does anyone know why that thing is there?)
This year they mixed it up and had a gigantic bulk candy booth.  That was exciting!

I love all that too, you see.  It’s the county fair and I would be devastated beyond all reason if I were to miss it.  I love the continuity, the-the tradition.

Yeah. That’s it.  I love the tradition. 

For instance, I know I’ll be eating something on a stick.

The Ferris wheel will be ridden.

I will walk all the livestock barns and talk nonsense to the horses.

I will cheer someone on as they sing karaoke.

However, this year I did miss the questionable fashion choices.  Aside from a miniskirt wearing middle aged gal wearing Harley Davidson platform clogs and another in an unfortunate leather halter jumpsuit worn two sizes too small-not a major faux pas did I see.

And where, I'd like to know, was the 300 lb. woman in a tube top and jean cut-offs so short her ass was eating them?

OK I only did it once, but it was really hot that day!

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