Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Walk in the Dark

I walked back to camp Friday night.


I had just taken a moonlight dip in the water in hopes that it would cool me off.

I was wrong.

The water was the same temperature as the air.

But the walk in the dark from the swim beach to camp gave me time for reflection. I was with my loved ones, my belly was full, the wine had settled, my skin was cool, my dogs were sleeping. And even though everyone I held dear was there with me, my thoughts turned to folks I hadn't met and had me wondering-what were they doing at that exact moment?

Was Eric sipping one last G&T on his deck before heading inside to the blessed cool and his pretty wife?

I hoped that Jefferson Davis was emerging from the water at that same moment, even though he was in a different lake in a different state. The thought made me smile.

Was Bou chasing after her boys trying to get them to settle down for bed? I hoped they were all healthy again.

I laughed a little thinking about what Erica might be doing. She-a young single gal living in New York. I conjured up the hot, muggy city in my mind and felt the subway roar by.
...actually it was coon crossing my path at that moment.

As I cursed the humidity, I thought of Laura in Florida and decided to keep my big yap shut.

Did Moxie and Handsome get a date night perhaps? ...or were they playing with Darling?

Across a wide ocean and a different time zone, I pictured Eolai up in the middle of the night with Dog Dog. I reckon he went ahead and put the kettle on. Did he have milk, I worried?

And what about Primal? Just thinking about that ornery devil makes me smile. He'll be getting up soon. He's got a lot of cussin' to do. IE is still in business after all!

I think it interesting that the cricket song led me to think about people I've never met. Not just think, but ponder.

The world we live in suddenly felt a little smaller.

I liked that feeling a lot.


MoxieMamaKC said...

Ugh! There is nothing more disappointing than diving into a lake that is as warm as the air around you. I grew up at a lake and August was always so disappointing in the Lake Refreshment Department. Sorry, Sugar! Friday night, Handsome and Darling and I had Family Night. We relaxed Inflatable Poolside in all our suburban glory...But it was lovely, despite the opressive heat! My Sat. night. MUCH more interesting, as you know!

Erica said...

It’s a very warm and comforting feeling to be thought of in such fine company, and after a moonlit swim…that’s very awesome. As you might imagine, what with riptides, and jellyfish and all, we don’t have ample opportunity to take too many moonlit swims without a Coney lifeguard yelling his head off at us.

Anonymous said...

... beautifully done, ma'am..... and yes, more than likely I was just coming inside for the night..... you need to get yourself to a blogmeet to put faces with the names!..... trust me, you would have a blast!..